Breast reduction at the Cannes Mougins aesthetic center

A breast reduction can reduce the breast size and correct ptosis (sagging of the breast). This procedure removes the excess mammary gland, replaces the areola and gives the breast its smooth curve back. The technique used and the location of scars depend on the morphology of the breast treated and the result desired by the patient. Breast reduction improves daily comfort and can have a beneficial effect on back pain. Note that this procedure causes a definite decrease in the areolas’ sensitivity and may hinder breastfeeding during pregnancy in the years following the intervention.

IMPORTANT NOTE : A radiological breast assessment will be carried out systematically before any breast surgery

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Practical Information

General anaesthesia
Duration of the procedure :2 hrs 30 mins – 3 hrs 30 mins
Hospitalisation : Outpatient or 1 to 2 days in hospital as appropriate
Location of scars : See photo opposite
Recovery time : 7-15 days. A supportive bra must be worn for 1 month

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