Facial Surgery

Blepharoplasty at the Cannes Mougins aesthetic center

Blepharoplasty can improve the cosmetic appearance of the upper and/or lower eyelids. The surgeon removes the excess skin and if necessary removes extra fatty tissue (pockets) located behind the eyelid muscles. Blepharoplasty rejuvenates the look and corrects the “tired” appearance of the face. This procedure can be associated with a face lift, a temporal lift, a facelift of the middle third of the face or fat injections in the cheekbones.

Practical Information

General anaesthesia or local anaesthesia
Duration of the procedure : 90 mins (upper or lower eyelids) - 2 hrs 30 mins (lower and upper eyelids)
Hospitalisation : Outpatient
Location of scars : See photo opposite
Recovery time : 7 days

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