Breast Augmentation Implants at the Cannes Mougins aesthetic center

Breast size can be increased either by using a prosthesis or through fat injections (see lipomodelling). Breast augmentation can improve the cosmetic appearance of the breast and chest. Breast implants can be inserted through an areal, submammary or axillary scar (see diagram). Depending on the morphology and size of your breast, prostheses can be placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. The majority of breast implants used are made of silicone. The type and size of the prosthesis to be used are discussed with the patient during the preoperative consultation.

IMPORTANTE NOTE : A radiological breast assessment will be carried out systematically before any breast surgery

Practical Information

General anaesthesia
Duration of the procedure : 90 mins – 2 hrs 30 mins
Hospitalisation : Outpatient or 1 night
Location of scars : See photo opposite
Recovery time : 7 daysA medical bra must be worn for 4-6 weeks

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